Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm so upset I'm in tears

Why does this have to be so difficult? Today or tomorrow we were suppose to get a shipment of Sabril from the pharmacy we've been using called Acrido (sp) and I get a call from them today and they said that they aren't able to send us medicine out because Molina will not allow them to do it any more that the medicine has to go through the Share Program. The share program regulates everything with the medicine since Sabril is very harsh drug and can cause blindness. It was one of our last chances to be able to get him healthy without more Infantile Spasms. 

So now I got to wait till the morning. I got to call the share program and raise hell. Than I got to call in more medicines and get the doctors to send them to the pharmacy and everything is going to hell. I'm getting upset about this and I just want to scream. Why is it so difficult to be able to get my sons much needed medicine to him when he has only one more dose left which is tonight. In hopes of change I will do 5 mL and 5 mLs hoping that I can come up with some miracle.

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