Snuggles & Struggles: Battling Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

2/8/2012 - Last night was another rough night. As soon as I went to bed Austin was up. I was even falling a sleep on the couch waiting for the kids to arrive that I babysit. Austin smiled again yesterday which is amazing and I couldn't of asked for anything better at this moment in time. I'm so grateful for my little boy and the people in our lives. He has such a tough time but when he's calm it's so worth the fight that we put up for him every single day. I love my little man.

Today is 2/7/2012 and it seems like everything that could go wrong is. Poor Austin is having troubles with his own saliva. He was crying when I was trying to get his diaper changed and he just doesn't look like he feels well at all. I got to get a hold of his GI doctor and hoping that I'll be able to get a hold of her to make an appointment. His g tube looks bad as it is and he sounds like sometimes he's in pain. I don't want my little boy to be in pain any more. Battling Cerebral Palsy and the every day things we got to do with him is so hard.

Follow our struggles with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy with our son Austin who was born 10/31/10.

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