Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is my purpose?

What is my real purpose on this world? This is something that I asked myself this week since yesterday when I found out I lost my job. I was so surprised since I was doing amazing. My boss told me this all the time how much help I was and so on. Now I'm stuck to where to go from here. But decided that I am going to apply at different jobs with different special needs kids and perhaps adults. I haven't decided yet though. I applied at Step by Step. I'm excited about that!

But where to go. I'm looking up what to do to become a level 1 providers so I can make my own hours and help parents that need help with their kids for a few hours here and there. We are working on getting our own place soon so hoping that'll be at some point in time next year still. We just got to get back on the horse!

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