Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Schedule coming up!

I can't believe everything that is coming up in November and December starting with some weekly things. Each and every week besides the second Monday of the month Austin has PT. So here is our schedule for this coming months SO far. 

November 7th we have our regular schedule physical therapy appointment
November 12th at 1 pm I got my dentist appointment
November 13th is seminar for special needs families that I am going to go to. 
November 14th at 9 something we have Ophthalmology, WIC appointment for Austin at 1 and than my first Cerebral Palsy Parent class at  6 pm (going to be late because of work) down at Children's Hospital. 
November 15th we have Physical Medicine at 10 am
November 21st we have PT at 11 and than OT at 230
November 23rd after work we are going out of town so we can spend time together as a family I'm excited about that. 
November 28th we have PT again and my surgery in the morning. Alex will do this appointment and one of my parents are going with me to the surgery.

BUSY BUSY! Plus we got to do Austin's 1 year check up! WOWZERS! I feel so busy and this is just for November. My husband has to do most of this as well. Poor guy!

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