Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had a pretty good day today!

We left our house at 9 am to head towards my parents house to hang out with just them for a while. They got to spend some one on one time with Justin. We headed to pick up Kiyo at 10:30 and got there about 11am. We quickly picked her up and went to Aunt Marges house. At Marges house we got to hang out with my cousin's Jack and Tammy. Plus Aunt Marge of course. Justin had such a blast hanging out in the different rooms and seeing all the old toys that Marge has collected that are her boyfriends or my great grandpa's. Than after an hour there we headed towards Aunt Anne's house. A bunch of my aunt/uncles/cousins were there and everyone got to meet the kids and my husband. Most of them have not met them.

Justin had a blast with his cousin Kylie! Everyone was pretty much amazing when it came to it. We got to talk a bit but only got to stay about an hour. Than headed to Baltimore Ohio to Uncle Mel's house. We stayed there for close to 2 hours. We had dinner there and got to hang out to see his amazing house! Than headed home when everyone ate super duper early.

I know my life has been changing but starting to feel a bit left out. I am starting to figure out that my family are the only ones I can rely on and simply can't rely on other people sad to say. I should only rely on myself but I am the person who is always trying to make people happy and people take and take. I don't want to spend a ton of money like some of my friends and go shopping all the time. I'd rather hang out and watch a movie but seems like there is no chance in that happening. I have kids and some of my friends don't. Plus with Austin I can't go out much. We are living off one income so I don't want to be wasteful with the money we do have because it's so precious! My couponing is just beginning so getting the hang out of that and it's my hobby. I feel like I have control over that at least.

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