Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Uneducated People.

I am getting frustrated with dumb people. There are people who do not understand what is going on with my life so they judge. It's like people who have told me because I'm a Stay at Home Mom that I'm lazy. Because Austin collecting SSI and having Medicaid that we on welfare. These are UNEDUCATED people who do not know their ass from apple butter.

How is it that I am lazy? I clean my house, do the dishes, fix breakfast/lunch and dinner for my family, I do laundry EVERY single day. My kids go out to play all the time, we do go to the library and other fun things as well. I am running child care out of my house, going to school and working online jobs as well to make sure that I keep myself busy. I am working to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Walk, Epilepsy Stroll, and Pedal for Pete. I do things for Children's Hospital and going to be decorating rooms for cancer patients with my cousin when the new hospital is built we will be able to do it!

I am keep myself busy every single day of my life and I am trying to do good. Next year Justin will start sports. Than in 2013 both boys will start school at the same.. Justin's learning so much from me already so he doesn't need 2 years of Preschool.

Ask me about my life and I will tell you. But for ONE MOMENT do NOT judge me because you do not understand how it is to be. You do not know how it is to be truly high risk where you and your child might die next time. To go through the amount of miscarriages as I have. To go through the things I do every day suctioning my sons mouth out. Seeing 50+ seizures a day and can't control it. Making sure each child gets the same amount of love through it all. I have a big heart but I am sick of people who are stupid to know what is truly going on to be able to sit there and say that I am living on welfare, I'm lazy and so on. PLUS i STILL maintain a WONDERFUL and loving relationship with my husband. We barely have a disagreement. Even when we had our big fight I made sure he was in my kids life, mine and was able to see his kids when ever. If you feel like I'm talking about you than I probably am. Some people aren't meant to be good parents or partners.

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  1. Thats why you don't worry about what others think! Your an amazing person, friend, mother, wife etc! I do not know many people who can stay positive through things you go through a lot of people I know would just give up!!! Me, that would be me. I don't have the strength & courage you have girl!

    Although I don't talk to you much I try to keep updated on how you are & what your going through & I must admit this is the 2nd blog I have ever read & it kinda pissed me off..

    People will never understand who it is to be a stay at home mom! Being around the same people every day can be annoying(although we love them with all our hearts).Its not as bad now for me. But I know your have a routine & you do things I would never be able to do!

    Your an amazing person Amber don't let stupid people get to you & get you down!!! :)