Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The realization.

That everything that you do HAS a purpose in this world. I'm sure most mom's feel this way but when I'm with Austin I know for sure that everything means something to him. He might not say 'Thank you mommy for that.' Like Justin does but I know the things I do for him give him a  better quality of life. Every choice I make for him is important and not unseen. My friend was here today and seen me with him and kind of see Austin for who he was his most vulnerable time and it was great to have a friend finally understand by seeing him what I meant. Words can't express some of the things that we go through daily with him. You kind of have to see it to get the experience and glad she got to see it and I got to explain to her. She even made me cry!


  1. Im the type of person who believes. I can understand what you go through! I may never be able to do the things you do, but I can understand the things you go through on a daily basis! Its great having good friends.. I wish I could be around more.. Heck I only got to hold him ONE time :( He was little baby.. He's probably bigger then me now :P

  2. Thanks so much Sunny means a lot to me. I know life is hectic and knw I'm here. I feel neglectful of some of my true friends lately. After holidays I'm gonna be around a lot more. Its mynew years resolution this year