Friday, September 9, 2011


So this past year has been a hard one for us. We've been through so much.

I lost one of the most important guys in my life which is my grandfather who helped make me who I am today. Him and my father were very important in my life.

I had to be put on bed rest and stopped working. When I had been working so much.

We had Austin and with him came a ton of stress. Including his appointments that finally is starting to calm down thankfully. 

Alex and I separated for a while which made us this amazing couple we are today.

We have over come so much drama that people trying to come between us and lie on us. 

BUT here we are today still. Stronger than ever. We are on the page on everything and I don't have to make him do anything. He does so much for our family and has been the only source of income for a while but finally now I got a job and I am able to help him provide so e can do what is best for our family. I'm doing school to make sure we get a better life. We are buying a new car soon too! Plus next year we are buying a house. It'll be a smaller house for the four of us and maybe room to grow around this area. We are going to put the money from our savings with our tax return and we won't need a co signer! So hoping if I take classes to run my own daycare I'll work at my job until we can do that full time. So we can have our own house. Itll be worth it in the end to be able to live in our house. Yes we are living with my mother in law but you know what if it means we will be able to buy next year than HELL yeah I'll live with my mother in law till than. It's whats BEST for my family.

I love Alex so much. He is truly my best friend. When I need someone to rely on he is the one who is there. And I'm starting to figure out that I have friends that I wasn't close to that are just waiting for me to find my way. And I'm so glad for them. Sara especially, we are WOW widows together:) PERFECT fit for each others family. Alex is playing online with Edward as we speak. I'm thinking lots of time together:) Lots of cheapy buying used and try to find some awesome deals together and making sure my husband gives me a sewing machine for xmas. So that you can teach me to work on it so we can finally start our shop.

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