Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So today is my third day of training and I'm loving my job. I haven't liked a job so much and I know I enjoy the people. My boss is cool. It's a more professional company and I just can't wait to get my feet wet. I'm already good at it and I keep getting complimented about how hard I work:) Justin did good for the first 2 days with me leaving and this morning he had a rough start. He hasn't been taking naps so that's been hard as well. He whined a bit at Sara's house but I think he truly enjoys the playing with other kids. And I'm so glad that he gets that time as well. It's important for him to have time with other kids and Abigail and Carson are such wonderful kids. Plus I know Sara's parenting is a lot like mine and we are on the same page about things. She's such a wonderful friend for helping me out.

Things had been rough in the past but I found something wonderful out! Positive Attitude as much as possible. My boss preaches it every day. He is always telling us to put the previous day behind us and start new. I love this. It's what I needed. To look at things in a more sun shining way! To be able to look at every day like it's something new. I love this. I do not need negative people in my life. I do not want people in my life that are going to start drama. I'm about my family. If my friends would like to join me in my little world they are welcomed to stay. I'm finding things that were a big deal no longer are. And you know what? I'm glad my life is changing. I'm glad that I'm here typing this. We've had a hard past as a family. We have been through everything you can think of almost. 

It seemed like there were times where it was us against the world. But you know what? I found out who I can trust. Who I can rely on. Who will be there for me when I need them. Who has my back. And you know what? Some people surprised me and were there for me. Wanted to be on the phone with me so they can calm me down. Or text me to see if I needed to vent. They made sure that they weren't just an aquiantance. And some of those friends of mine I'm close to I never met in my entire life. I thank you guys for that. 

Alex and I had a rough time a few weeks back and we had said some things we didn't mean to each other. Out of anger. But at the end of the day after talking it out. After figuring out what truly was going on we worked it out. We are both stressed out. We had only had one check. And to survive as a family of 4 was hard. It's not like he's making a  million bucks. When he went down to valet he lost money. But unfortunately that's because of the economy. Now that I'm working and I know I can move onto sale. I hope to go to training/management or something of the sort. I would love to climb up the later and make good money. Will I do it. I believe I can. My husband thinks I can. I do not want to be stuck at a dead end job. I want to be able to work my butt off and do good in my job!

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