Sunday, August 28, 2011

A few days worth of updates

So I haven't updated in a few days so here goes.

I've been going on tons of job interviews and got tons more coming to me. I'm excited to get back out there and start working. The jobs I'm looking at are making decent money as well and that's even more exciting! So we will be out on our own very soon which is even more exciting! We are going to look for a 2 - 3 bedroom depending on our budget though. We shall see what amazing job I can find. After that than we will make sure we get a nurse in there to help us with the daily needs of Austin because they are getting harder and harder to be honest. The doctors appointments are so much for us to handle and with us both working we are going to need the extra help.  Austin's seizures were good yesterday but declined today. He was also having problems last night. I woke up yesterday morning feeling refreshed though. I got 9 hours of sleep with only 3 interruptions. Which is amazing. Usually it's 3 hours of sleep and 6 times waking up. But to me it's worth every single moment of it. My kids are the most important things that are in my lives along with my husband.

Ever since I've been cutting people out of my life I feel like I have less drama. I feel more confident in myself. I do not have people competing with me every moment. Trying to be like me. I felt like every time I would try to do something it was a big competition. I hated that. They were always throwing things in our faces that they were better than us. I hated the way I felt. I thought that I wasn't doing good enough job and it's the total opposite.

I am doing an amazing job with an amazing son. I do my best to provide everything for my kids. I am the best mother for them. I've worked with kids with multiple dx's since I was SIX years old. God provided me this child because he knew I could handle it. I hated that just because our kids were 6 months a head if Justin was doing something they'd say their child was. When it's obvious that he wasn't. If I started to potty train Justin. They started shortly after. Justin's vocbulary is out there dude and they kept saying their child did the same thing. Justin counted to 15 and automatically it was a competition. Justin knows his abc's for the most part and that came a big competition.  I got sick and tired of it. My kids are doing well for what works for them. I hate when people compare kids. Sometimes I wonder if he's advance and I might ask a mom with a child teh same age (usually the same month) to see what their child is doing to see if Justin is doing well. But I teach my son every day. I do very interactive things with him to make sure that he is not bored.  (even though he's getting bored with learning his rights and lefts.)

Everyday, everyone in our family is teaching him something. He knows that $5 dollars is more than $1 and so on. He is very bright for his age and has been putting simple sentences together for a year now. Complex sentences since he was 2 years old. I know this is advance. I want to teach him everything that I know so he will have a great life. I want to feed him everything that he can learn so that one day he'll use his gift for a good purpose.

Lesson of the Day: Try not to look at other children and compare your children to them. Because sometimes it will disappoint you. Each child grows up different. We all have our different speeds so make sure you go your childs speed. And if they're behind don't be ashamed. Work with them. Not all kids are going to do things in a hurry. This means physically and mentally.

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