Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm starting to truly enjoy my life. There are times where we have moments where we have 'down moments' but at this time I'm starting to find my way. I think the biggest thing I needed to do was cut people out of my life that weren't suppose to be in it. Were they in it just to teach me this lesson? I think so but now my life is better for letting them go. I do not need negative people in my life and I'm so blessed to have the wonderful people around me now. I'm always getting to know new people and they impact my life so much.

The goals I want to obtain for my family as this:

Find us a good church that will except us all for who we are not what people think we should be. The church needs to be able to accept not only myself, but Austin as well for him and his beautiful self.

To find a good job that will help support my family and I. So I can be able to get my family the things they want/need. I do not expect to make 100k a year but I'd love to make a good amount.

I love to provide a house for my children (even if we got to rent) that has a backyard, room for them run and for us to decorate accordingly. So they can have a home that they love.

To be able to provide the home based services that Austin needs/wants.

To get the kids both into school next year so they can be around kids their own age.

To do playdates! I love to do more of them.

To make sure that we are happy as a family unit as we are now.

To do birthday parties at our new house so that all our family can be together. And maybe sometime down the road do a holiday at our house. I'd love to do that.

To be able to have our friends/family over for nights so we can all hang out and have fun together. As friends and family should.

I do not think I ask for much. I just want the same thing most people want and that's a good life surrounded by people that we love and who love us.

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