Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November the 2nd

Today we went out to lunch with my best friend, Beth, it was fun had some awesome chicken and shrimp and some how I am hungry again! Bummer. I wanted to go out shopping but Alex just wanted to come home and play his game that his friend had for a while. We had our CEO in town this past 2 days and it was eye opening. I know I am doing an awesome job but going to work harder on trying to get my skills better.

I'm so blessed with my work friends they are so supportive and amazing and I enjoy every moment that I have with them. They make work fun. I really like my job and really it's an amazing experience. Alex is loving being in parts! He is very advance in it already so that's exciting.  Austin had a good day his aunties house he has been doing so good! I'm so proud of the boys adjustment period. 

TERRIBLE 2'S oh my! 

Justin finally and officially is in them. I was hoping we would avoid them but it seems not! Grr he is doing good but still we got to keep this hyperactivity down, (is that even possible!) I'm getting sick of people that keep telling me it'll get worse. SHUT THE HELL UP! No one cares. Seriously, not even kid is the same. I would think a lot of people would of said he would of started to truly get the terrble 2's before he was 2 years old and 7 months. But nope it's just recently started. It's definitely testing my patience but that's fine. 

Austin is looking so grown up it's unbelievable. I heard from my little brother via text yesterday EXCITING! I miss him so much. 

I get to go to my FIRST ever CEREBRAL PALSY parent group on November 14th. Seems like my freaking schedule keeps adding up and keeps adding on. It feels like I keep getting involved in these amazing causes and each and every day I'm grateful for helping someone like myself! So here I am again waiting on time to pass so I can make a difference!

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