Monday, August 22, 2011

The Love of my Life!

So in 3 days Alex and I will be together for 4 years! I can't believe it's been that long. Feels like we've been together a lot longer but in a good way. It's been 4 years since I have been in love with him and I mean truly in love with him. Before him I was not a believer in love at first sight but when I seen him come into the Westerville Pizza Hut to pick up some things he needed for Busch I knew that I was going to marry him. I told Danielle that day and she thought I was crazy.

Than when he asked me to be his girlfriend in text message when we were laying in bed chillin with his friend Shawn's house it was so romantic to me. He isn't the most romantic man in the world but he does little things to make me feel good about myself, every day. Through people trying to break us up and people trying to start drama in our lives each and everyday I'm grateful that I am with my best friend. The man that I know is my soul mate. He provides so well for our family. Gives the kids every thing they want and allows me to stay home to take care of our children. Not all women can say that about their children's father and husband. I'm blessed with that.

When Austin was born and we were going through that stress the end of my pregnancy and when we were finding out about his diagnosis. It is tough to find out that your son is going to have medical issues the rest of his life. I felt like I was to blame but my husband was so supportive. SO loving and patient with me. He allowed me to mend, he helped me mend through this all and loved me for who I am. Since that big fight that we have and we made up in Janruary. We have been so amazing! It feels like a whole new relationship. We have our disagreements but that is normal. I do not blow up his phone when he's at work because he's doing his job.

He allows me to do my school work so I can get my education and I'm glad that I am able to do that from home. Plus work for and doing my moding for Cafemom. It's good to make extra money! Soon I'll be babysitting again in October and finding someone to help me through this as well that will help me just in case Austin goes into the hospital! And we might move faster since Alex has talked to someone who wants to help us out. Since they know what we are going through. I'll be able to babysit to help pay bills and have the extra money I make per month. It's going to be amazing.

I love you Alexander Eckstein, I'm so PROUD to be Mrs. Alexander Eckstein. You have made me one of the proudest wives and mothers. You are my soul mate. You are my best friend. You are my one and truly. I'm glad I married you and no one else. Once I marry someone I only marry once:) To death do us part!

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