Monday, August 22, 2011

About Us as a Family

We are made up of 4 of us! I am the one who will be writing this blog my name is Amber! I am 25 years old and have a wonderful husband named Alex. We've been married for 1 year and together for 4 years.
This is Alex and I at a friends birthday lunch! He is truly an amazing father and husband. He is always trying so hard to work so that he can make us money and very supportive of the kids and myself. He works all these hours to make sure that our family has what we need when we need it. The kids never go without and that's a wonderful thing. We give them some luxuries without spoiling them. Oh wait they're spoiled but they are so darn cute who cares!

We have a toddler named: Justin Nikolai this is him.
This is Justin and he one of the smartest little boys that I know. He is 2.5 years old and is doing wonderful with potty training. We are not pushing it to much and want him to be able to want to do it! We are doing a sticker chart which is doing pretty good. His vocabulary is beyond what most kids his age that I know of. He has been talking since he was 18 months, and always did wonderful. He is putting complete sentences together for the past 5 months which is amazing. He loves his uncles, cars and toy story. He loves his brother so much!

This is Austin Carl:
This is Austin Carl and he is 9 months old and almost 10 months old. He was born on Halloween night. I can't believe that he'll be a year old soon! Austin is our very special little boy.

When Austin was born he had his first seizure around 18 hours old. He was transferred to Children's Hospital here in Columbus, Ohio where he's gotten amazing help. He has been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Infantile Spasms and  Traciamolasia. He's being followed by Physical Medicine, GI, Neonatal, Neurology, ENT and Optimology for right now. He has PT, OT and soon ST (we are going to work on the pacifier!) We also have help me grow come out, OT and PT at the house. Pallative care and when I am comfortable we are going to be getting a nurse at the house to help me. He will be going to school next year through the state and so will Justin in their sibling program.

Austin was in the NICU for 58 days, since than he's been in the hospital to diagnose his Infantile Spasms which is 4 days worth of stay, 1 day for his lyringomolasia surgery, 1 day stay to make sure that he didn't get pnemonia, 4 days when he was throwing up blood at the first time, 3 days another time when he was throwing up blood and 2 days this last time. We will be going into the hospital 1 more time for sure in September because he might be going on the ketogentic diet to help with his seizures.

He is on 5 medicines: Valium (.4mL x 2 a day), Topamax (10mL x 2 a day) EES (.5mL x 3 a day), Keppra (3 mL x 2 a day) and Prilosec (5mL once a day). Here is some pictures of the kids and us.

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